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Specializing in High Volume Metal Finishing

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  • Specialty Finishes
  • Sharperizing®

metal finishing servicesSharperizing

Sharperize has been in the marketplace for many years and has proven itself to be the most corrosion resistant, thin, electro-deposited coating available. Millions of parts have been processed in the yellow, black and clear (silver) finishes for the automotive, mining, marine, hardware, aerospace and many other industries, having excellent corrosion results.

Sharperize is a thinly applied (.0002”-.0004”) electrodeposited sacrificial coating that offers extremely high corrosion protection. The application is so thin that it does not fill threads and has very little effect on pitch, major, minor and functional diameters, as well as lead helix, etc. Additionally, Sharperize finishes do not hold washers captive, or create recess fill problems.

quality metal solutionsThe metal finishing industry is currently in the process of converting finishes from Hexavalent Chrome to the Trivalent Chrome because of environmental and European ELV concerns associated with Hexavalent Chrome. Sharperize is leading the industry by taking this one step further and eliminating Chrome altogether. This will eliminate the many problems associated with testing for Hexavalent Chrome, the costs incurred for this test, and the potential for Trivalent Chrome to be mistaken for Hexavalent Chromes finishes as they age (this is a common problem referred to as “false positives.”) Sharperize is now available in three environmentally Chrome-Free versions (Black, Clear and Yellow/Iridescent). All three versions offer outstanding corrosion protection and meet or exceed the performance of previous Hexavalent Chrome versions.

Industry executives are so impressed with the corrosion protection, they are specifying Sharperize on an increasing number of components. With the success of this finish, R. Sharpe Industries has now authorized Erieview Metal Treating Co. to run the Sharperize process, to accommodate the ever increasing demand for this finish of the future.

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